Double Sided Keychain [CUSTOM]
Double Sided Keychain [CUSTOM]
Double Sided Keychain [CUSTOM]

Double Sided Keychain [CUSTOM]

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Just a reminder: This is a pre-order item; it will ship in August.


One keychain, two sides, total freedom. Whether you want to choose one of the quotes we have here and add your initials on the back or put two MFM quotes we don't have here, take a cue from Georgia and make that shit happen...just don't be creepy.
Character limit: 40 characters per side. 


**Product does not ship until August**

Return Policy:

We’re not able to offer returns or refunds unless a keychain is damaged, defective, or incorrect in some way. Please email us before you place your order if you have any questions.  

Product Specs:

Material: 100% microsurfaced impact acrylic

Dimensions:  2′′ × 0.75′′ (51 × 19 mm) Keytag and 0.75′′ (19 mm) diameter metal ring



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