We’re best friends, business partners, and murderinos. In 2016, we co-founded Lore de Force, a female-led agency that helps launch and grow socially responsible companies. My Favorite Keychain is a Lore de Force venture. 



obsession: serial killers

live shows attended: 4

“that’s exactly right”

lives for extra-long episodes 



obsession: cold cases

live shows attended: 1


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Spoiler: It’s not just because we really wanted “Lock Your Fucking Door” on a keychain.

When we sat down to start planning My Favorite Keychain, we had a lot of conversations about moving through the world as women and the things we carry with us. We talked about the times we’ve walked to our cars or apartments with our keys gripped between our fingers. We talked about how small and helpless that made us feel.

We also talked about Karen, Georgia, Steven, and the various MFM animals. We talked about the murderino community and how much you make us laugh. We talked about how we want you to feel when you carry our keychains.

We want the keychains to make you feel seen and understood. We want them to make you feel safe. With them and everything else we sell, we want you to feel like you’re never walking home alone.